Will You Make the Cut this Valentine’s Day?

Preparing for your first Valentine’s Day together can be a little awkward when you’re still new to each other. If you’re dating a relatively new person, depending on the time of year when you first started dating, you can hope to spend the day together, decide it’s time to go further together, or just keep it in the friend zone and give each other candy hearts.  For those who’ve decided it’s time to get off the computer and meet in real life, using Valentine’s Day as the impetus can send signals you don’t want crossed.  Making plans to spend Valentine’s Day together is often used as a barometer of seriousness or intent.  After all, some guys will go to the extreme of breaking up with a girl rather than give her a gift she might misread on Valentine’s Day.  Others break up because they’re just cheap.  If you’ve decided to spend the day or night together, you’ll want to create the perfect setting, so you can have a great time without looking for signs that aren’t there.

Making your partner feel comfortable is really important, no matter what stage the relationship is in.  If you want to test the seriousness of the relationship, doing extra things like making a nice meal together and watching a rom-com can set the tone for open and honest conversation.  Taking care to create a mood by adding candles to the bathroom and using special touches like scented hand wash and even on down to the toilet paper in the bathroom can make the evening extra special.  It’s easy to apply these touches when you use an Coupon.  You can save money on your purchase and get that part of the preparations checked off your list and move on to other concerns.

In fact, shopping online these days can cut the preparations for your special night down to a manageable production, so you can concentrate on feeling and looking your best.  Some guys say they feel a tremendous amount of pressure to maintain a relationship that just isn’t working out.  They set a cut off for the relationship in advance of the February 14th deadline.  If this happens to you, just know you’ve done your best and have been honest about what you wanted.  Then, go run yourself a soothing bubble bath and relax.