Trauma Care’s International Blood Drive Day

Every year, Trauma Care performs an international blood drive that happens one day, every year, across the country. This year, Trauma Care will be conducting their blood drive on June 14th, 2018. People around the globe are given information as to how donating their blood can help save lives, and the urgent need for blood needed in medical practices around the world as we currently have a shortage of donated blood. The process of donating blood to help save lives is one of great importance, and on this day every year, people are encouraged to come out and participate in the blood drive.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy churches is the sponsor of the blood drive this year. In order to commemorate the blood donation day this year, Pastor Chris will be organizing massive blood drives in the Christ Embassy churches located around the world. Pastor Chris is working on creating initiatives to help encourage people to globally participate and give blood not just on this annual blood drive ay, but on a regular basis. By creating initiatives to donate on a regular basis, Pastor Chhris also creates a network of national and international volunteers which will help prevent a shortage of blood that is needed for blood transfusions in health care institutions around the globe.

The Christ Embassy community, led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, first founded the Trauma Care International Foundation in order to arrange events that would bring awareness to the fact that there is an international need for more blood donations. He also organizes the events that are responsible for raising money to buy and donate equipment to increase health in impoverished communities around the globe but especially in the African continent. He and his congregation are avid humanitarian supporters and hope to express their desire to help improve quality of life for people in need in impoverished countries by sponsoring this blood donation day.

Trauma Care International Foundation has the sole mission of improving people’s health and offering care services to injured or diseased people who can’t otherwise afford medical care. They give care and send out emergency response teams during times of disaster, all to give free medical attention to people who are unable to financially afford it. They also provide training and lectures to educate students, teachers, law enforcement officers, and medical care professionals on the urgent need for emergency care, blood donation, and how they can help improve quality of life for people that can’t afford the medical attention they need.

We urge you to consider donating your blood at this year’s international blood donation day with the Trauma Care International Foundation. By sacrificing a few minutes of your time, and donating a small amount of your blood, you can help save thousands of people across the globe by helping to supply the much needed blood for life saving transfusions. By working together, and giving a small portion of our time, we can help improve the quality of life around the globe.