Tips For Packing For A Festival!

Going to a festival can be one of the best experiences of your life, but if not packed correctly, it can also be the most stressful. Being thoroughly prepared and packed for a festival will leave your mind at rest, and ready to enjoy the sun, music and dancing. From taking simple bodycon dresses that are diverse so you can save space, to choosing the right bag, we’ve got it all here.

The Basic Needs

Being a high maintenance girl can be very overwhelming when packing for a festival, and if you aren’t high maintenance then you can pick and choose which tips and products you will need to take into consideration. 

THE OUTFIT – Finding an outfit for a festival is a lot more difficult than you think, you have to be comfy but fit the aesthetic. Festival outfits are about finding the perfect balance, so ensure that you are choosing the cutest but comfiest one you can find (I would also recommend high quality outfits to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions over the long period of time you will be wearing them). Whether you need one outfit for one day or 3-4 for the weekend, ensure each and every one of them won’t cause you any added stress.

THE SHOES – To ensure comfort and prevention of any medical implications such as blisters and sore feet, the right shoes are a number one essential for festivals. Whether this means buying a new pair and wearing them in or using your favourite pair. As long as they are comfort tested for long periods of times and blister tested then you will be just fine. Trust me, with shoes looks and ‘style’ is not what you want to be prioritising. Heels and sandals are a big no no!

THE BAG – A bag is undoubtedly one of the biggest necessities of them all. Your phone will most likely if not definitely be with you and holding onto it all day will either leave you aggravated or with it lost. So a small man bag, cross body bag or even a shoulder bag will give you a safe place for the phone without any hassle. It can also hold other essentials such as sunglasses, suncream, a portable charger, a fan, chewing gum and even a small water bottle. These are all necessities when packing for a festival so bringing a small and stable bag that you don’t need to hold on to, including these products will leave you fully prepared for your day.

What You Will Probably Forget

Now, let’s imagine you’re there and at the festival. Great, you forgot that, and you really needed it. Why do you always remember when you’ve left the house and you’re at the festival? To avoid this from happening let’s remember when you will probably forget, before you forget it.

PORTABLE CHARGER – You’re in the crowd videoing your favourite artist and suddenly, 20% battery left comes up. You still have 6 hours left of the festival. You do not want that phone to die! For your own safety and to keep video and picture memories.

SUN CREAM – Whether it’s cloudy or not, standing outdoors all day without shelter can lead to extreme sunburn. The last thing you want to be doing while soaking up the music is soaking up the sun as well without protection. To avoid any added discomfort remember this essential.

 A CLOSED WATER BOTTLE – Staying hydrated while singing, dancing and standing in the sun all day is a lifesaver to keep you going for the full day or even the weekend. Make sure it’s closed so security doesn’t take it off you and you’re good to go.

Just these three necessities that you might forget could be a lifesaver, so make sure you take all these into consideration to provide yourself with the best festival experience.