Responsibilities of Father After Divorce

Indeed, it cannot be denied, many of us do not understand the law, including the regulation of child support. In Johan’s problem, even though he did not know of the existence of a positive law governing, yet his instinct as a father had led him to fulfill his responsibilities to the child. fathers rights law firm

When I divorce, I do not make a written agreement with my ex-husband because I am doubtful about the legal force in Indonesia, “he said. According to Shandy, the step was because when the couple lost their lives, it would be very difficult to take care of it to a lawyer.

When there is a divorce there are clear arrangements for child rights benefits. “The breakup of marriage does not mean breaking up between parent and child relationships. “The responsibility for life and the welfare of children remains attached to their parents, at least until the child is an adult,” he said.

Indeed the term ‘adult’ in the law is still not the same in terms of age. the reference for civil litigation (including cases for filing custody and child support) states that the age of these children is 21 years.

Then to whom is this responsibility charged? Before answering this, what needs to be known is about understanding child custody. Child custody or in the terms of the Islamic law hadhanah is the right to maintain, care for and educate children who are adjudicated to one parent in the event of a divorce.

“In principle, both father and mother have the same custody. Even though the court determines and wins one of them has the right to get hadhanah, but it must not prohibit the other party from visiting, inviting recreation, educating and providing for their children, “

preferably for child custody, especially for children who are still small for the benefit of children.

Why are mothers prioritized to hold child custody as well because they are usually more able to devote tenderness and affection and guide children,

Even though childcare rights are prioritized given to the mother, it does not mean that only the mother is responsible for the cost of childcare. Because our law apparently regulates that the cost of child custody or child custody benefits is more borne by the father