Peculiarities of Long Distance Relationship and Online Dating

Love is an amazing thing. One of the peculiar things about love is that it can happen anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. Little wonder, several people have different love stories to tell. Just as much as physical dating seems to be working, online dating also does. A long-distance relationship is also tested and trusted by many. In essence, you can have a successful long-distance relationship.

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Although most couples go from dating online into a long-distance relationship, certain peculiarities set both apart. The following are the peculiarities attached to both internet dating and long-distance relationship which makes them relatable: –

1.  Geographical separation

One of the peculiarities that make both long-distance relationships and dating online relatable is the factor of geographical separation. Both types of relationships have the partners’ unique attribute of being separated from one another due to distance. Although most online dating couples may be living within the same state or town, the fact remains that they are operating and communicating as though they live far away from one another if they do not have a plan of seeing themselves at the moment.

2.  Communication

Communication is another significant attribute that makes both dating online and long-distance relationships relatable. For both types of relationships, communication is mostly done through the internet (if not all the time). However, with a long-distance relationship, there is a chance that both parties may have intentions of closing up the gap in the soon to come future.

One of the characteristics of a healthy long-distance relationship is that they utilize this level of communication effectively. That is done through the practical way they listen and transmit information. They also take time to process information about their partner through the constant means of healthy communication.

3.  Financial expectations

Another peculiarity that makes both long-distance relationships and dating online relatable is the financial expectations from both parties. Although both parties do not get to meet (at least for a while), they invest money and effort into communicating with the other partner. While it is evident that there are no dates (except virtual ones), the partners will still have to pay phone and internet bills.

4.  Contact expectation

One of the peculiarities that set both long-distance relationships and dating online apart is the contact expectation. This factor is the expectations or intentions of meeting up with your partner soon to come future. For couples who limit their relationship to dating online, the intention to meet up one day may not be there. However, with a long-distance relationship, it is evident that at least one or both parties wish to see the other individual. This intention is also usually backed up with working plans.

5.  Level of commitment and trust

Both relationship types do not include physical meetings, which may allow for a level of trust and a sense of security for both partners. However, there is usually at least a sense of trust and commitment within a long-distance relationship. For a healthy long-distance relationship, the level of commitment and trust is even more than that of physical relationships.

The reason is that since distance has come between the couples, there is the need to continuously assure yourselves about the main aim and love you share. On the other hand, if you are primarily dating online, the level of trust and commitment is not as strong as that in a long-distance or physical relationship.