Myths and truth about online dating.

Whatever heights human civilization has reached, man always has primitive fears from which common myths arise. Armed with modern technology, people create new myths from old material — now about online dating. Few of us have no friends or buddies who have met their love or even spouse through dating sites or in social networks. Still, people often feel fear or embarrassment when it comes to online dating. The reasons for this are common stereotypes and myths. Many of them are probably familiar to you.

We for over a decade helping single men from all over the world to find their true love among Ukrainian and Russian ladies, are simply obliged to debunk the most common myths about searching for love via the Internet. This is the purpose of the following brief overview of the online dating myths that we bring to your attention.

Myth 1: All dating sites are free.

It’s true, that most dating sites offer a certain package of services (for example, registration or other basic functions) without any payment. But one should not forget that every serious dating site, for example, has to constantly technically modernize, maintain the security of its member profiles and conduct an anti-scam policy, which requires financial expenses.

Therefore, it is absolutely normal if, in addition to free functions, members of the dating site are offered paid options (sending more messages, sending photos, unlim in video chat) to expand their dating capabilities. Do not overly trust dating sites, which are positioned as “absolutely free” because they can be “free cheese in a mousetrap”. Therefore, it is sometimes better to pay for extra video chat or for helping to upgrade your dating profile a small amount of money than to risk becoming a victim of fraudsters.

Myth 2: On dating sites only losers hang out.

There is a myth that dating sites are flooded with desperate losers, unable to meet in real life because of indecision, unattractive appearance, insolvency, inadequacy, and so on. But, in reality, most people on dating sites are men and women who are totally busy at work. It is precisely the congestion and lack of time that made online dating, the search for love in virtual space, popular. It must be said that the Internet even has indisputable advantages: mobility and wide choice, that is, there is no need to be at a certain time in a certain place, you have a greater number of potential partners.

Myth 3: It is dangerous to meet online because of fraudsters.

This is an almost indestructible online dating myth. Well, and how strong is your sense of danger when you sit at home on the couch and view user profiles? Yes, there is always a certain (very small) percentage of fraud in all sectors where people interact with each other. But to categorically declare that all dating sites are sheer fraud is unfair. In addition, serious dating sites provide many opportunities for detailed dating from a distance: you can see (and not only hear) the person in the video chat, ask the support service to check your interlocutor’s profile for authenticity at the slightest suspicion. By the way, as we conduct a thorough check of all profiles of Ukrainian and Russian girls on our dating site.

Myth 4: People on the net are not looking for a serious relationship.

Offline is all the same. If you met an adventurer in a bar, then she will not offer you eternal love either, she has just other goals. Yes, there really are a number of dating sites and applications for fleeting relations. You can simply not use them, but choose more serious sites to post your profile. And,listen, the non-readiness for a serious relationship is a property of the psychology and maturity of a person, not a dating site. When posting, take a few minutes to fill out your profile and be sure to include your goals and expectations. Our site will help you find girls with similar intentions and this will save you time and help you find your one and only.

Myth 5: People often cheat on their online profiles.

It happens that someone places a photo of five years ago or embellishes her virtues, diminishes some years or weight. But with the modern possibilities of online communication (video chat), such things almost immediately open, so don’t give in to this dating myth. Ladies rarely allow themselves to distort the truth significantly, because no one wants to look stupid on a live date, believe us, the dating site with many-years’ experience.

Myth 6: It’s not for me, for I’m too old to date online.

This is perhaps the most foolish of all online dating myths. Initially, dating sites were intended for all age categories, because there is no age for love. Having over decade of work on the dating market, we had the pleasure of helping many (not only 30-40, but also 50-60-year-old) men to start and successfully continue their love relationships with beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women. And, as our observations show, more than 65% of such online dating ended in marriage.

And finally, friends, on the way to love, be bold and decisive and do not take seriously those empty myths that hinder your happiness! Place profile on UaDreams, write to a beautiful Ukrainian lady, and make sure that everything is not so scary in online dating. Good luck!