Dating tips for shy guys from Ukrainian women


As they say, how many people are so many characters. For some, it’s easy and natural to get friendships and invite girls to meet on a date, but for others it’s a serious challenge. So-called shyness has a different nature. Sometimes a person is just an introvert and feels comfortable in the circle of a few friends and is very cautious in choosing a companion of life. And sometimes a sociable and open man by nature becomes shy under external causes like unsuccessful love relationships. And although shyness can be a problem, when it comes to dating girls, but does not mean that it is a serious drawback.

Contrary to the stereotype that girls choose self-confident and determined “bad” guys, an analysis of the profiles of Ukrainian ladies, showed a completely different picture. Many girls would be happy to date shy men, finding them cute, interesting and possessing many virtues. Quite often, these shy guys Ukrainian beauties claim, are hidden treasures that are opened to the loving and patient. To shy men who dream of inviting them to a date, Ukrainian ladies want to advise to be honest with themselves and not try to look self-confident. Smart women always feel pretense. The best that such a man can do is to accept and love himself as he is, decide to start online communication with a woman he likes, and then his shyness will become simply a distinctive feature and not scare away, but rather draw his soulmate to him.

Advantages of shy men in the Ukrainian ladies’ opinion.

Fed up with an endless bragging and deliberate self-advertisement of bachelors in real life and on dating sites, Ukrainian women speak out in favor of more quiet, soft and shy guys, finding in them a number of undisputed advantages. Here we give the most basic of them:

1) They excellently listen and speak little. And if you are unbearable to pour out your soul, then you will be carefully and patiently listened to, no matter how much you say.

2) Shy guys are very empathetic. He will understand, if you say that you need a personal space or silence, he will provide you with both. He will never preach you for any subject: manners, clothes or friends.

3) Such men are usually faithful, sincere and almost always carefully choose and use words that are really important and reasoned.

4) They do not seek to become the center of attention and never flaunt their achievements.

5) Shy men rarely talk about love, but will do everything possible to make the beloved happy. He is always full of amazing surprises for the sake of your smile.

6) He is delicate enough not to talk about his ex-girlfriends or an unsuccessful first marriage. He gets on well with your parents.

7) Such men are faithful to their spouses. He never flirts with your neighbor or sister, he is too shy for that. Moreover, Ukrainian girls are curious and adore mysteries and riddles. What can be mysterious in a narcissistic braggart? But an intelligent, gentle but shy man on the other hand is like an iceberg that is never fully seen. Such a person can be discovered each time in a new way and you will not get bored with him.

How can a shy man start dating online?

The best solution for those guys who are embarrassed to get acquainted with the girls in person are online dating sites. At home in the armchair, feeling safe from other people’s sights, a shy man can venture on the Internet dating with the woman he likes. The guarantee of safety and professional individual approach to each new member is registration on a quality¬†honest dating site such as UaDreams, strictly sellecting the profiles of Ukrainian girls for the site, offering a convenient package of services for both beginners and regular members.