5 First date Red Flags to Watch Out For.

Agreeing to go out on a date can be a hard decision to make, even worse is when you have to decide to act on a red flag.

This is tough that most people end up in relationships and years later regret why they never acted on the first time they noticed a red flag.

Everyone has that little thing that when done or invoked is just too much for them to handle. It might be something that indicates a lack of respect, interest, or integrity towards the relationship.

There is an endless list of deal breakers to be watchful about. This article is going to focus on 5 of them. They are;

1.  Brings up stories about their ex.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to have a conversation with a person to get to know them, but all they do is bring up stories about their exes.

Understandably, sometimes we need to talk about things that hurt us, but it is wrong to bring it up to a stranger or someone you’re trying to impress.

Talking about your ex-partner might mean that you are not over them, or you are not emotionally ready to replace them.

Some go to the extent of criticizing their ex. No matter how bad the relationship ended, it is unacceptable to criticize your ex-partner.

It signals that there are higher chances that you are the cause of the relationship failure, due to the bad character you are portraying at the moment.


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Memilih Shampo Terbaik untuk Rambut Berwarna Anda, Jangan Sampai Anda Salah Pilih

Apakah Anda sedang mengayun rambut merah, balayage, platinum blonde, atau bahkan sesuatu yang lebih berani (cintai rambut putri duyung itu!), Anda mungkin sudah tahu bahwa rambut Anda membutuhkan TLC lebih banyak. Tetapi dengan begitu banyak pilihan di luar sana, bagaimana Anda tahu shampo untuk rambut berwarna mana yang paling cocok untuk rambut yang diwarnai?

Bagaimana Cara Kerja Perawatan Warna Rambut?

Pernah berhenti untuk berpikir betapa kerennya Anda benar-benar dapat mengubah warna rambut Anda sejak lahir? Ini cara yang menyenangkan untuk mempercantik tampilan Anda atau meningkatkan warna alami Anda. Tetapi bagaimana cara kerjanya?
Untuk memahami ilmu di balik perawatan warna rambut, dan cara kerja warna rambut semi, – demi-, dan permanen, penting untuk mengetahui perbedaannya.

• Warna rambut semi permanen, yang biasanya berlangsung beberapa minggu tergantung pada seberapa sering Anda keramas, mengandung molekul warna yang melapisi bagian luar rambut Anda. Ini bagus untuk meningkatkan atau menyegarkan warna alami Anda, tetapi memudar dengan masing-masing sampo.

• Warna rambut demi-permanen mengikuti formula yang sama dengan warna rambut semi-permanen, sementara hanya sedikit menembus kutikula rambut Anda. Karena itu, ini berlangsung sedikit lebih lama. Ini merupakan penyegar warna yang bagus, juga bisa digunakan untuk menutupi uban, tetapi tidak bisa mencerahkan rambut.

• Sorotan menghilangkan pigmen dari rambut Anda melalui oksidasi. Warna yang Anda hasilkan tergantung pada berapa lama Anda meninggalkan “agen oksidasi” (biasanya pemutih atau hidrogen peroksida) pada untaian Anda. Hal yang sama berlaku untuk pemutihan warna keseluruhan Anda, yang bila dibiarkan terlalu lama akan meninggalkan Anda dengan warna kuning. (\

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Welcoming the Fasting Month Amid Corona Pandemic with the Umma Ramadhan Channel

This year’s Ramadhan will be different from previous years. The corona pandemic has made things different. The rapid transmission of the virus, making the physical distancing policy applied.

This guide was made as a reference so that people can worship according to religious law while preventing Covid-19 transmission. The community is expected to obey and follow the guidelines given to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19. Umma Ramadhan is here to help you do Ramadan activities

In the guide it is emphasized that all worship which had been carried out in mosques and held together, was centered at home with the nuclear family only.

It certainly feels heavy and suffocating, the mosque which has been full of various religious activities will suddenly become quiet and lonely. But we must be sure that it will only be temporary. Later when the corona pandemic wears off, let’s together the mosque immediately. You don’t have to wait for Ramadan to arrive.

It is precisely the current conditions in which we cannot worship in the mosque must increasingly motivate us to get closer and submit ourselves to Allah S.W.T.

We use the momentum of Ramadan 2020 for self-introspection and to stir up prayers, so that the plague of the 19th will soon subside. And our lives are back to normal as before.

Guide to Fasting During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Referring to the circular from the Ministry of Religion, here are the things that we can do so that our Ramadhan month is full … Read More

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