7 Guide to Building Friendships Lasting a Lifetime

Building Friendships is not a coincidence. Whether or not the bond of friendship survives, requires effort and commitment. Starting from accepting change, having resilience, respect, and focusing on what can be shared instead of enlarging comparisons.

Building Friendships

In the context of building a bond of friendship that lasts a lifetime, intimacy and tolerance also means belonging. Quoting Psychology Today, Friday, November 11, in seeking lasting friendship bonds, between friends need to be committed and strive with love. More specifically, Kathy McCoy, Ph. D., psychotherapist and journalist, shares tips on how to build lifelong friendships.

1. Reciprocity

The bond of friendship based on transactional needs will not last forever. That is, lifelong friendships can be formed on the basis of kindness, keeping secrets, giving support, and being a good listener. Means to be known, this kindness goes both ways, you and your friends each want and can benefit from the bond formed.

2. Give room for growth and change

Did your bond with your friends begin when you were a child, youth, or when you were young? For McCoy, old friendships can change. Friends and you may have been giving each other room to grow. Friendship also does not expect each other to always freeze at one time. A friend of yours, may be married, separated, have a career comparison, or socioeconomic status. They and you grew up in each other’s personal lives, but remained best friends.

3. Creating connections beyond initial interest

Friendships that last a lifetime, beyond the origin of each person. For example, the origin of the school, place of work, or other matters related to proof of self.

4. It doesn’t have to be the same

McCoy’s client tells the story of his friendship that began with fellow parents at his child’s school. But friendship always continues, through the dynamics of life that is always changing. Currently, their children have attended university level and they always hang out. Time does not have to be the same, but friendship can always be protected with reciprocal commitment and kindness.

5. Build meaning

This guide is a little more essential, because even if you have different countries, different regions of origin, or different beliefs, everyone can make friendships. As long as you respect each other, protect each other’s history, and mutual feelings, then you can maintain a friendship forever.

6. Commitment to protect friendship

Even though they are domiciled apart, friendship can always be established. For example, by alternately sending readings, emails, or note messages or sweet postcards. We can also hear the voice of friends via telephone or video calls.

7. Tolerance

There are times when you don’t hear the news from a dear old friend. Life is a hectic schedule with individual affairs. But you can always accept time comparisons, for example, and take turns providing support when one another is facing the ups and downs of the wheels of life.