5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Share the Same Values with Your Partner

You must have heard the saying “opposites attract.” A relationship seems favourable with someone who challenges you. Research shows, however, that couples who have been happily together for a long time have more similarities than differences. Even minor differences in values or demeanour may lead to a build-up of dislike over time.

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The following are 5 reasons why it’s important to share the same values as your partner.

1.  Conflicts are easier to resolve

Let’s imagine a scenario. Start with two selfish individuals with distinct histories and personalities. Insert some bad habits and interesting quirks.Now, toss in a bunch of standards, and then turn the heat up a little with life’s everyday trials. What next? They are bound to have disputes. In marriage or any intimate relationship, there is no means of preventing conflict as there are different causes of conflicts. It is just generally easier to resolve these conflicts when both parties share similar values because they will likely come to the same agreement or solution.

2.  Decisions can be made quickly

Some decisions are intuitive and do not take much thought. When you eat breakfast, for instance, or what toothpaste you use, and what clothes to wear each day (okay, this might be a little tough). But other times, there are tough decisions that you have to make with your partner. If you share the same values with your partner, it will be less stressful to make choices on important matters. For instance, if both of you are academically-inclined, it will be easier to decide on what school your child attends than if one of you does not appreciate the value of education.

3.     It creates a level of interdependence

Interdependence means that partners understand and respect the value of the emotional connection they share while retaining a stable sense of self within the complex relationship. Values like commitment, lifestyles, respect and vulnerability create a level of interdependence and build emotional intimacy between partners.

4.     There is an increase in overall happiness

Identifying your values enables you to establish a purpose, respond better in tough circumstances, make good choices, find the right profession, develop viewpoints, and be confident. Selecting a partner with the same set of or similar values adds to these benefits because their way of life is in alignment with yours. It’s fair to conclude that you would feel a bit happier in a relationship with such a person.

5.     Both parties become better persons

When you share the same values with your partner, both of you are likely to become better than you were previously in all ramifications. Because of the mutual respect, empathy and understanding present, the relationship grows stronger and of course, everyone wants to be a better person for both himself or herself and his or her partner. Having shared values makes this easier.

Like the common quote says “I water you, you water me; we grow together.” This is easier with a partner whom you share the same values with.