5 First date Red Flags to Watch Out For.

Agreeing to go out on a date can be a hard decision to make, even worse is when you have to decide to act on a red flag.

This is tough that most people end up in relationships and years later regret why they never acted on the first time they noticed a red flag.

Everyone has that little thing that when done or invoked is just too much for them to handle. It might be something that indicates a lack of respect, interest, or integrity towards the relationship.

There is an endless list of deal breakers to be watchful about. This article is going to focus on 5 of them. They are;

1.  Brings up stories about their ex.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to have a conversation with a person to get to know them, but all they do is bring up stories about their exes.

Understandably, sometimes we need to talk about things that hurt us, but it is wrong to bring it up to a stranger or someone you’re trying to impress.

Talking about your ex-partner might mean that you are not over them, or you are not emotionally ready to replace them.

Some go to the extent of criticizing their ex. No matter how bad the relationship ended, it is unacceptable to criticize your ex-partner.

It signals that there are higher chances that you are the cause of the relationship failure, due to the bad character you are portraying at the moment.

2.  Complaining/ Criticism

The biggest mistake you can ever make on the first date is complaining.

These are some straight-up examples, from the experience of other people;

  • Complaining why your Uber driver drives so slow and that’s why you showed up for your date.
  • Complaining why the restaurant service is very slow and disoriented.
  • Complaining about your problems
  • As said, complaining about your exes.
  • Bringing your work frustrations on a first date
  • Backbiting your friend or co-worker for whatever reason you find upsetting.

There are so many things you can find your partner complaining about.

It is a clear red flag and you need to stop interacting with that person. Or better still, you can try addressing it nicely.

Tell the person you are not comfortable around them making all sorts of complaints, if it works, you should be good. If your date cannot see your point of view, it is time for you to move along.

3.  Catfish

Now, this is for our online relationships.

A Catfish is a person who sets up a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes.

There are so many fakers out there on our dating sites. They normally take pictures of Instagram models, friends, or some random person on the internet and use it as their identity.

Something I find hard to understand is why they still show up on dates when they know they’ve been using a fake identity.

Either way, these people are there among us and you might get catfished one day. If this happens to you, do not take anything past the first date.

Accept you for identity-scammed and leave. They are not worth your attention and time.

The good thing is that some sites offer identity verification to prevent catfish. You ensure you match with someone who has their identity verified.

If you have no idea which dating app is the best, I suggest you visit  Us-reviews and look into adult dating site reviews.

You will see a bunch of recommendations from people and for those sites with a lot of complaints, avoid them at all costs.

4.  Phone snubbing

Phubbing is the act of snubbing someone by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.

We all want to be listened to when we speak to show some level of respect. Remember you have also sacrificed your precious time to go on a date with someone who is ignoring you.

Avoid this, or address the behavior nicely.

5.  Asks for money

This is a relationship killer. There is no further explaining to do, ex

For example, if say you met on an online dating app, and your date keeps on insisting for you to send them money or is already getting too close on your personal space and time, it can be a cause of alarm.


Deal breakers in a relationship are so many, it can sometimes start showing up as early as on the first day you meet each other.